Studying MODX Revolution

After many years of loyal dedication to MODX Evo, I finally took the giant step of switching to Revo. I'd dabbled a bit from time to time as it progressed, but was never able to overcome my basic uncertainty of the technology behind the new core. Now that I've focused and spent some time on it, I'm amazed at the capability, flexibility and power behind the core. Yes, it's bigger and heavier than Evo, and not handled correctly can be slow and even buggy. I've seen examples of everything from simple tweaks to extremely advanced applications, though, that are fast, lean and smooth.

As time passes and my experience with Revo is expanded, I'll be discussing some of the features I find that make it well worth the leap into this world of OOP, MVC, ORM and the rest of the alphabetical theoretical uderpinnings of Revo. Some of these features are available for Evo, but not with the same level of native integration and usability.