Solar Cooking

Cooking in the Desert Sun

After enjoying the many sunny days in the Negev desert, it occurred to me that I could use the sun to cook with, just as most Israelis us the sun to heat our hot water. Water tanks and solar panels are on almost every roof. So I decided to look into solar cooking.

I tried making my own with cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, and black and silver heat-resistant paints, much like this one, but none of them were really satisfactory.

DIY solar oven

I finally decided to get a good solar oven, and after some research online, decided to go with GoSun. I waited until they had a sale, and ordered it. Its small size was exactly what I need, since it defintely holds plenty of food for two or three meals.

GoSun Sport on sale

Now I can prepare my favorite meals, anything from vegetables to chicken wings or meatballs, even rice and pasta, saving on bottled gas and electricity. It's convenient, too, since my little garden as well as my big balcony above both face south and get sun for most days even in the middle of the winter.

That includes some of my favorite vegan dishes, like mixed Italian vegetables and mushrooms with homemade vegan "mozzerella" melted over them. The herbs are fresh, grown in pots on the balcony or in the garden, of course!

Italian vegetables with vegan Mozzarella



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