Adventures with MODX 3

Recently the MODX Cloud started offering a checkbox to install pre-release versions, so I installed a new dev Cloud with MODX 3.0.0 (pre-release).

MODX Cloud installer

Installation proceeded as usual, and as soon as I got the email notification that my new Cloud had been created, I clicked on the link to log in to the Admin (I know, bad form, you should never use an email link to log in to anything), and got my first dose of culture shock.

MODX3 Manager login

The Dashboard

My first though on reaching the Manager's Dashboard was "Huh?" It's a far cry from the original Etomite dashboard.

Origins Etomite dashboard

That menu was one of the first things I helped change in the original MODX 0.6. whatever, later known as Evolution. I based the horizontal top-row main menu on A List Apart's "Hybrid Menus", and with a lot of tweaking and improvements by the MODX developers we ended up with the main menu that pretty much carried through into Revolution, up to (as of this time) 2.8.1.

Revo Manager main menu

MODX 3 has completely different menu system. Since I followed the discussions, arguments and final decisions on this, I was aware of the changes, but seeing is a whole 'nother ballgame.

MODX3 Dashboard

And it's even responsive!

Responsive Dashboard

Well, enough about the shiny. Time to get this site configured.

To be continued...


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