Baby Spy

Traditional and modern come together for this I Spy quilt

Quilt top

This is a fairly basic patch quilt, with the 5" patches and background patches set on point. The print patches are from and I Spy package of 10" squares along with a few squares of prints from my stash. The layout is a little different from usual for the border, allowing the patchwork design to extend into the border. I used a mottled deep red for the border, an odd color for a baby quilt, but it seems to have worked.

For the back I pieced some leftover pink and red Berenstain Bears yardage that I have had hoarded in my stash for years.

Quilt back

The Quilting

This one went on the long-arm for some ruler work.

I Spy mounted on the long-arm

I used a curved ruler for the continuous curves on the edges of each block, and a straight ruler for the grid in the white blocks. I left the print blocks with just the continuous curve to let them puff out a little. I extended the curves and the grid into the border.

The quilted top

After washing and pre-washing the binding I machine-stitched the binding from back to front. I chose a dark red floral stripe to go with the dark red border.

Baby Spy finished

At least the intended recipient, the baby of a friend who lives in Siberia, seems to find it acceptable.

Baby and quilt


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