Burgundy Bargello

Rich colors and a wool batting make this a cozy winter quilt

Finished: April 19 2018

This is a double-sized rendition of a once-popular Bargello tutorial that has since vanished from the internet. This is made using two jelly rolls from Missouri Star along with some coordinating yardage for an unobtrusive border. I didn't want a flashy border to distract from the supple flow of the colors in this quilt.

Burgundy jelly rolls

Bargello quilts are not difficult, just tedious. They involve a lot of sewing of strips together, then cutting the strips in different width, then sewing those strips together, offsetting each print block by one to get a "trip around the world" layout.

Burgundy strips

The different widths of the strips make a gentle swirling effect. The intended recipient wanted a dark quilt, so I used a dark print for the border.

Burgundy Bargello

The Quilting

I used a wool batting for this quilt, so I was concerned that it might shift in the sewing machine. So first I stitched in the ditch in each horizontal row, then around each border. To emphasize the curves of the Bargello, I stitched each diagonal row from point to point, changing colors from burgundy to cream to dark green. The light-colered inner border was given a traveling scroll. The outer border was dark and busy, so I just did a simple feather scroll all around. It came out very soft and flexible, and should be Burgundy enough for a friend whose favorite color is Burgundy.

Burgundy Bargello finished


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