Golden Stars

Turn simple blocks into a striking medallion quilt.

Finished 18 November 2016

Some time ago I bought two packs of fat quarters from Christa Quilts - I don't remember the bundle name exactly, something about Caravan, I believe - and this simple HST star block seemed a good thing to do with them. I originally planned to lay them out as squares, or maybe on-point with the sashing, but that was just boring.

Star center on the quilt wall

I'm still deciding just what to do with those setting triangles. A sawtooth edging using leftover HST squares would be nice, I think, with a bit of contrast strip to set them off. Ah, the joy of finally having a quilt wall!

Sawtooth edging

And a simple block pieced border to tie it all up. Since I'd already cut the triangles for an on-point layout for the blocks, I wasn't able to measure and position these corner triangles properly with the fabric I had. And it would have been nice to have the sashing and border strips cut so that the design aligned better. I think it still looks pretty nice though.

Finished quilt top

The Quilting

Here it is all pinned and ready for quilting.

Layers pin-based

I did a lot of fancy quilting on this, it just seemed like those big patches needed it. Here's what it looks like on the back.

The quilting from the back

Finished and ready to go to a friend in Florida.

Finished quilt

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