Making Lemonade

Dissapointing fabrics, sparkling quilts

Finished 9 October 2016

Some fabrics I ordered weren't quite what I was expecting. In particular, an autumn leaf print I was hoping to use as a "faux block" quilt, just stitching along the edges of the printed blocks to look like a pieced top. But it was too bright and irregular, as a single piece it didn't look all that good. The other was a purple with metallic silver "crackle" highlights, which really wasn't what I was looking for.

Ugly fabrics

Then one day it suddenly clicked with a photo of a quilt I've been studying for months, deciding what to do about it.

Stars and snowball blocks

So with the addition of two other fabrics and some background neutral from my stash, lemonade was made! I call it Autumn Stars.

Stars and blocks

The stars are made quickly and easiy by using the no-waste flying geese method that makes four flying geese blocks at a time for the star points. The corners of the alternate blocks are snowballed. And it's looking good so far.

Several blocks joined together

The top is finished, now to get it pinned and decide how to quilt it.

Finished quilt top

The Quilting

Since it's such a lively quilt, I decided to go with simple in-the-ditch and line quilting for the main body, then oak leaves and acorns in the border.

Close view of the quilting

And here it is, bound in dark green, ready to go off to Tel Aviv to the friend of a friend.

Finished quilt


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