Still Life

A graceful and elegant treatment of the classic Quatrefoil pattern

Finished 25 March 2018

This quilt came to me while watching video tutorials from the Missouri Star quilt company. Their tutorial makes the classic Quatrefoil quilt look easy. Of course, I had to complicate matters by fussy-cutting the center patches, and give it a curved border.

Fussy-cut block center

I used an antique-looking beige toile print for the background, giving the whole quilt a look of the old Dutch or French still-life paintings.

Quatrefoil nine-patch

I ran out of the background before I could add the outer border, but fortunately I had a big piece of an almost perfect match in a tonal print for the border. The border design I have in mind will be so ornamental that the difference in the fabric won't even be noticed.

Here is the top, on the table for pinning.

Quatrefoil quilt being pin-basted

The Quilting

I used a scrolled template for quilting the blocks with each fruit and its leaves outlined like applique. I traced the feathered border motifs from a book using a lightbox. The scrolling inner border was based on one of Cindy Needham's stencils from her borders collection, while the bead-board fill in the outer border was from one of her background stencils.

Quilting design traced with a lightbox

Here's a detail of the border quilting, showing the curved lines drawn in for the curved border. I didn't cut that line until I had the binding sewn along the line. Then I trimmed about 3/8" away from the line to give the binding some padding.

Corner of the quilting

And the final finished quilt, with the curved border bound in a matching dark turquoise. The binding was folded over to the back and stitched down by hand.

Finished quatrefoil quilt


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